ЮКО г. Шымкент пр.Республики 6а (Shymkent, Republic avenue 6a)
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-Taraz excursion.

Duration of the excursion  – 11 hours.

Distance  - 400кm.

Time – 6 hours.

Time of walking excursion – 5 hours.

Number of visited places – 6.

Departure from Shymkent . Karakhan Mausoleum. Near the Karakhan Mausoleum there is Dautbek mausoleum. During the excursion we can visit Kali Unus bathroom.

The Taraz hillfort is a unique archeological  Тараз – уникальный археологический landmark. It depicts all history of Kazakhstan.

Numerous archaeological finds and monuments in the foothills of Karatau and in Talas-Assin oasis show the antiquity of settlements in the Talas river valley, supporting Taraz's claim to being the most ancient city in Kazakhstan. The history of the city is composed of several historical periods, interrupted by destruction and depopulation. The first reference historically recorded city linked with Taraz and the basis for the claim of 2000-year-old history is the fortress of Zhizhit that briefly existed at the site of modern-day Taraz in the 1st century BCE. A city known as "Taraz"  is then recorded in the 6th century CE and is known to have existed until its decline in the 13th century.The third historical period begins with the establishment of a Kokand fortress at the end of the 18th century, which in 1864 was named Auliye-Ata. In 1936, the city was renamed Mirzoyan.  After Mirzoyan's arrest in 1938, the city was renamed Dzhambul, after the Kazakh traditional folksinger Dzhambul Dzhabayev.

Places to visit:

  • Karakhan mausoleum
  • Tekturmas
  • Taraz
  • Akyrtas


ЮКО г. Шымкент пр.Республики 6а (Shymkent, Republic avenue 6a)

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