Ancient Ifedjap, Sairam, rock Adam and Eve

Казахстан, Южно-Казахстанская область, Шымкент проспект Республики 6a
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Ancient Ifedjap, Sairam, rock Adam and Eve

At an entrance in Sairam visit of east bazaar (market). National colour in everything: cakes, fruit, vegetables, Eastern sweets. You can buy local, national clothing handmade. Then buy traditionally handkerchiefs and visited the Karashas-ana mausoleum (Hodja Ahmed Yassaui`s mother) The last restoration Хlll century. Visit the fabulous beauty of the Mausoleum Kadyr ATA,and the Mausoleum of the father H.a. Yassaui Ibrahim Ata. Then a visit to the mausoleum of Sheikh Mahmoud and sacred place, where he was born H.A.Yassaui according to the legend there was a Palace of the Sheikh and on the site of the birthplace of the great Sufi not growing grass. Visit ancient city "Martobe" and memorable meeting places great Biy for adoption 1 of the Law of the Kazakh people We moved to a nearby town of Lenger and have lunch in the local cafe with national cuisine.In the local menu of the cafe you can taste such delicious dishes as Manty, lagman, shorpo, plov, samsa, several kinds of shashlik and other Further, our car-route will lie in Kazygurt district where we published admire the mountain Kazygurt,which according to legend landed "Noah's ark". In the summer season feed bread camels grazing in the meadow. Visit the legendary ritual place of passage "Rock Adam and Eve" will try to squeeze in between the rocks. According to the legend, among them could be the only people whose sins are forgiven. Those who were not able or for some reason doubted the passage of the guide proposes to pass in the so-called "armpit of Adam" Rocks have mysterious magnetism, as well as some hidden energy, to feel which will most tourists. Sacred stone, loader amulets, attributes of shamanism and many other personal belongings, but gold is only available on certain days. After the tour the tourists will be able to taste local drinks such as Shabat, kumys, Kamran and taste national liquid dish "Koje". To buy Souvenirs at the local shop.

Places to visit:

  • Karashash Ana mausoleum
  • Kadyr Ata mausoleum
  • Makhmud Sheikh mausoleum
  • Martobe
  • Kemekalgan


Казахстан, Южно-Казахстанская область, Шымкент проспект Республики 6a

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