Tamgaly - Tas on the river Ili

Байтурсынова 100 выше Абая
6 000

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Detailed description

Tamgaly - Tas on the river Ili

The excursion route gives you a great opportunity to not only get acquainted with the most beautiful natural landscapes of Almaty region, but also to see one of the unique monuments of the distant past - Tamgaly Tas, where the wreckage of the rocks are carved Buddha images. When and under what circumstances did these figures who their author - unknown: For more than 150 years, scientists trying to unravel the mystery of the origin of these mysterious images. The tour program includes the story of the ancient techniques of meditation training and wishing to rise to the special platform for viewing the valley. Also, Tamgaly-Tas is famous for its rock formations, which often hold competitions climbers and fans.

For lovers of rest may be located near the water.

Places to visit:

  • Tour of rock drawings of Buddhas
  • Walking rise to the observation deck


Байтурсынова 100 выше Абая

Возле станции метро Байконур

Available tour/amusements languages:

  • Русский
  • Қазақша


Ticket type Refund Price Discount price
Standard - 6 000
Children from to 1 ages Not allowed -
Children from 1 to 3 ages Free -
Children from 3 to 12 лет 5 700



Purchase conditions

Call in advance:  +7 (727) 333 45 99, +7 (727) 329 45 99, +7 701 225 56 62. 

Tickets for children till the age of 3 is free without providing seats.

Half-free ticket is from 4 years old till 12 years old

Things to take: meals and beverages.

What to wear: comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses.

Refund condition

In case of refusal before 2 days of trip- 100% fine


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