Personal jeep tour to Singing Sand-dune

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Personal jeep tour to Singing Sand-dune

Singing Sand-dune is a mountain of sand of light tones, it has a length of up to 3 km and a height of 150 m.

It's famous for the fact that in dry weather the sands produce a sound similar to the melody of the organ.

From the sand dune you can see a beautiful view of the surrounding terrain. In the south you can see a thin strip of the Ili River, the purple mountains of Sogety and Boguty, beyond which the Ketmeny peaks look out over the white peaks. From the west the horizon covers the precipitous side of the Great Kalkan, from the east - Malogo.A in the north it is visible the lilac-blue ridge of the spurs of the Dzungar Alatau, Chulak, Matai and Altyn-Emel mountains. At their foot lies a foothill valley, cut by thin strips of dry channels of rain streams. The southwestern slope of the barkhan is smooth, whereas the opposite slope is smooth northeast has several ridges with gentle slopes. The singing sand dune is a popular tourist attraction.

Singing sands from ancient times caused a lot of folk superstitions. In the legends that have survived to this day, the song of the sand was explained by the activity of desert spirits, fantastic animals, the sounding of bells of buried cities, powerful rivers raging under the earth and many other unusual reasons.

Will you find the true reason for singing?

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  • Singing Sand-dune


Гоголя, 144

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